Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is the process of tracking how much money is coming into and out of your business. This helps you predict how much money will be available to your business in the future. Cash flow management is keeping track of this flow and analyzing any changes to it. Cash management consists of all the ways you can manage the cash flow in and out of your business. In short, it is how you collect the flow of money coming in from customers and manage the money going out to pay expenses. For small businesses, cash management is key to financial stability.
It also helps you identify how much money your business needs to cover debts, like paying employees and suppliers. It pays to practice cash flow management often to make sure your business has enough money to keep running.

Cash is the primary asset individuals and companies use to pay their obligations on a regular basis. In business, companies have a multitude of cash inflows and outflows that must be prudently managed to meet payment obligations, plan for future payments, and maintain adequate business stability. For individuals, maintaining cash balances while also earning a return on idle cash are usually top concerns.

A company’s working capital is the result of its current assets minus current liabilities. Working capital balances are an important part of cash flow management because they show the amount of current assets a company has to cover its current liabilities. Companies strive to have current asset balances that exceed current liability balances. If current liabilities exceed current assets a company would likely need to access its reserve lines for payables.

In general working capital includes the following:

  • Current assets: cash, accounts receivable within one year, inventory
  • Current liabilities: all accounts payable due within one year, short-term debt payments due within one year


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